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welcome to Siqs !

The Freelancer's Social Network.

about Siqs

A few of the many reasons to join the Siqs network

Instant payments

Siqs offers instant payments upon verification of Gig completion by both parties. This means no more waiting weeks to receive funds.

Work remotely

Siqs is available globally, to anyone and everyone with a dynamic skill set to complete orders in a timely manner and offer excellent quality.

Connect With Freelancers

Siqs is freelancing in a new way, the Siqs app is built to function as a social network at it's core. This offers an unprecedented for projects and freelancers to connect.

Connect With Projects

SiQs allows Freelancers to connect with, and be discovered by projects in a natural way. With SiQs being rooted in the spirit of social networking, it allows for connections between freelancers and project leads to be made in an autonomous way.

How Siqs App Works

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Freelancers on SiQs have the unique ability to speak with other freelancers, partner on projects, and complete jobs posted by projects.


Companies on the SiQs app are able to view a freelancers previous work, news feeds, rating, and current projects. This offers companies the ability to gain a full scope of the freelancers ability to meet their needs.


Individuals on the SiQs app can search out tasks or service offers to meet their personal needs. They can also use the app casually as just a member connecting with friends while also being notified of potential jobs or services that match their needs.


On the SiQs app teams can collaborate on projects together with chat and video streams. SiQs app will also implement shared code screens where users can simultaneously work on programming projects.


On the SiQs app users can partner with other users to meet the collective skill set required by the Project. This offers individuals a unique way to gain exposure and form freelancing teams to take on projects.


Projects will have the ability to offer open bounties on task in which the first user to meet their needs recieved the payment. This offers a uniquely competitive aspect to freelancing, while also offering users with less history on the app the ability to gain exposure.

A social network for Freelancers

SiQs provides a completely unique implementation of freelancing.

  • Partner with other users.
  • Participate in bounties.
  • Get paid instantly upon completion.
  • Live video chat
  • Let other users get to know you through news feeds.

Learn more about the SiQs App by reading our documentation or by chatting with us directly on our active social channeles.

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